What’s up guys? Welcome to B.Motiv8ed Live!

So we’ve run into a difficult time with Covid 19 keeping us all in our homes. Now more than ever is the time for us to stay focused, stay healthy and make sure we come out of this thing better than we came in. To help you with that, I’ve created a private group on IG for all of you that want to continue to better yourself!

I’ll be hosting IG Live workouts (just like the workouts I’ve been hosting on my main page) for you multiple times a week, live Q&A’s, live mindset and motivation, diet tips and tricks and a ton of helpful content to push us through this time at home!

All workouts will be hosted live and saved to IGTV for you to revisit at any time. Even if you miss it live, it will always be there for you to get it done later! I post a full schedule a week in advance so you guys have a heads up of whats coming when. How does that sound?!

I understand a lot of us aren’t working at the moment so I don’t want to put a price on participation that puts your health and growth out of reach. I want to be able to help everyone regardless of your current situation so I’m allowing participants to pay whatever you want! That’s right. Whatever you can comfortably afford at the moment, whatever this is worth to you, is completely fine with me. Thank you for rockin with me.

How to join:

1.      Purchase B.Motiv8ed Live for whatever you want (make sure to add you Instagram handle at checkout)
2.      Request the live account on IG given to you in your confirmation email.

That’s all you’ll need to get started! Let’s hold ourselves accountable, learn, have fun and grow to come out of this lockdown better than we came in! Look forward to seeing you!


A 60 minute zoom/skype/IG Video call to equip you with all of the tools you need to optimize your health, your business and your overall well-being to its FULL potential!

This call will include:

Uncovering what it is you truly want in life
Setting strategic goals and creating the roadmap to get you there
Discussing any (potential) barriers or things holding you back and how to break through them
Advising on any questions you may have health (physical/mental/spiritual/nutrition etc.) and business related
Tapping into your optimal self and leaving ready to take on the world

You will literally have myself and my full focus/attention for 60 minutes!

-If you’re having trouble getting motivated 

-If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in life

-If you want to take your overall health and/or business to the next level

-If you just want to chat!

Hit that button below and lets get you what you want and DESERVE in life!


Can't see the checkout? wAit 3 seconds...
What times will the workouts be?
We will do our live workouts at 11AM PDT (Los Angeles Time). I post a full schedule every Friday with the workouts and time for the coming week so you will always know what is coming when.
Is this for anyone?
Absolutely! No matter your level of fitness, I always show variations of exercises to make sure we are all included.
What if I miss a LIVE?
The live will be saved to IGTV the same day so you can still run through the entire workout as if you were doing it along with me originally.
What if I live outside of the US?
No problem!
How long will this last?
I will keep the group open forever so you will always have access to the content.
What happens after the lockdown?
I will continue to work in the group except we will do home AND gym workouts!
Will I need any equipment?
How can we contact you if we have questions?
Send any questions via DM at any time and I’ll be happy to answer for you!


How long will the calls be?
60 mins
When will the calls be?
You will receive an email after purchase to set a time that works best for you
What if I live outside of the US?
No problem!
What if I’m not completely satisfied with the call?
In the rare event of this happening, I will gladly refund your payment
What platform will the calls be held on?
Whichever is easiest for you! Preferably Zoom or Google Meets. But we can also use Skype or IG Video if it’s more convenient
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